Do you spend a lot of time looking for boilerplate information that you've used before while writing grant proposals? If so, you'll love our new Grantable Granules feature!

With Grantable Granules, you can quickly save and tag frequently used bits of information to find and reuse them. This can save a lot of time and hassle for grant writers.

Examples that may be stored as Granules include organizational IDs, mission statements, websites, and other relevant information. Keep reading to learn how Grantable Granules work and how to use them!

1. What are Granules and how do I create one?

A Granule is a container for any piece of information a grant writer wishes to store and easily find for future use. In addition to the information, label your granules with memorable titles that describe the content.

Creating a Granule is easy. You can navigate to the Granules section from your Dashboard to create, edit, and delete them.

2. How can I use Granules to improve my grant writing process?

Granules come in handy when grant proposals request information about an organization that does not change much over time, such as names, addresses, tax ID numbers, and mission statements.

Almost all grant proposals will require these kinds of static, usually identifying information about applicants. By saving this information as Granules, it becomes much easier to quickly and accurately answer these repetitive questions.

It also allows any member of your team to help with the drafting of grant proposals.

3. Can I share Granules with colleagues?

Yes, all Granules are available to the members of your workspace, including freelance grant writers hired from the Grantable Marketplace. This makes it effortless for anyone on your team to answer these requirements without asking for the information.

In conclusion

Granules can be extremely helpful in streamlining your grant writing process. Not only are they a great way to store and organize your information, but they can also make collaboration with colleagues more manageable than ever.

By taking advantage of the power of Granules, you can save time and energy while producing the best grants as efficiently as possible. Have you tried using Granules in your work? We'd love to hear about your experience!