Does your nonprofit need help funding its programs and services? Watch this video for tips on how to find grants and other helpful tips for creating a strong grant funding program.

We sit down with an inspiring nonprofit,, whose mission is to preserve and share history of the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans to promote equity and justice today, and we talk through different challenges they're overcoming with grants.


00:00 Meet Georgia from

00:51 Where to find grants?

02:00 Research peer organization 990s and annual reports

02:33 Which database is the best? Is it worth it?

03:03 Philip's favorite database

04:06 The classic database with a free hack

05:29 Hiring grant prospectors

07:16 Ways to streamline the grant writing process

09:34 Advantages of working in the cloud

10:05 Reusing existing grant content

10:38 Using to write grants faster

11:44 Write in the cloud in ONE document

12:45 Organizing grant content

13:22 Tracking tasks for each grant proposal

16:40 Using a grants calendar

18:06 How to encourage diversity, equity and inclusion for nonprofit boards


How to Find Grant Funding:


Foundation Directory Online:


Hire grant prospectors:

Use to write grants faster:

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